Our shark tank is filled with angels

We certainly think so and thus The FastPitch Fest was born. Startups that want to compete start off by completing their free gust profile.

Wouldn't it be great if a startup pitching competition was a truly exciting event for all involved?
Meet Our Team Of Experts
Jo Beyersdorfer
JNB Marketing & Events

Polished Pitch Fest Producer
Ralf-Rainer von Albedyhll
CEO & Founder

Polished Pitch Fest Director
Jo is a professional event organizer specializing in entrepreneurial events like the hugely successful Silicon Beach Fest held in Santa Monica, June 2014.
Ralf is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 startups under his belt. He will be actively involved in the polishing process of the 20 selected startups.
John Bates
CEO & Founder
Executive Speaking Success

Piitch Video Coach
John specializes in coaching entrepreneurs to deliver their pitch as effectively as possible. He was a speaker at TED and TEDx all over the world.
We will select 21 startups for our polishing class. The $5,000 package includes mentoring as well as a slick 5 minute pitch video.

It's the videos that are at the heart of the FastPitch Fest's excitement, especially when combined with the live scoring by the judges, cash prizes, audience choice award as well as the chance to get an angel on board.

Only 7 of the polished companies will be selected to present at the FastPitch Fest. With odds like these, the only thing you have to lose is time. We look forward to receiving your invite to your completed gust profile.
Meet Our Angel Judges
Michael Terpin
CEO & Founder
Transform Events
Terpin Communications
Michael is a serial entrepreneur with a plethora of startups under his belt. He is particularly focused on PR related companies though recently the BitCoin revolution has cought his attention as one of the newest disruptive developments with global implications.