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Please be sure to have FileMaker Pro 16+ for laptops or the free FileMaker Go 16+ for iPhone/iPad installed BEFORE you download the file. FileMaker does not currently work on Android.

The Unlikely Story of William Girven

The Unlikely Story is a true story of William Girven - an artist who has been homeless in Santa Monica for over 5 years and the goal to put on an exhibition with auction of his art at CrossCampus - right across the street from where he sleeps.

The app was created to support two kickstarter campaigns that unfortunately failed. With the advent of the FileMaker Marketplace we decided to try it a hopefully lucky third time by integrating the app with a cool store where the art can be purchased on various items from prints to towels.

Includes slideshows, movies as well as a comprehensive portfolio showcasing William’s work.

What's New

Users can now order William's art on a broad range of items from prints, t-shirts, towels and tote bags etc. right through the app.

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