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Please be sure to have FileMaker Pro 16+ for laptops or the free FileMaker Go 16+ for iPhone/iPad installed BEFORE you download the file. FileMaker does not currently work on Android.
Get your lost iphone or ipad back with your custom lock screen

Ever lost your phone or tablet? ReturnIt lets you create a custom lock screen with the info needed to get it back quickly and easily.

Creating your ReturnIt Lock screen image is fast and easy and you can select from numerous background as well as different banner colors and black or white text.

You can even upload a photo of yourself and the system includes the ability to scale and automatically round it.

When happy with the result just take a screen shot and set it as the wallpaper for your lock screen and your phone is now ready to be returned easily by anyone who happens to find it.
Use the plain look to just get the message across
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Enhance the experience with a custom background
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Include your photo for greater personalization
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ReturnIt - Lets You Add Your Contact Info To Your Lock Screen

The ReturnIt app for iPhone & iPad allows you to create you personalized message and return info to your Lock Screen wallpaper. Why do you need this? So you can add your contact information to the Lock Screen, so that if your iOS device is ever lost, whoever finds it can easily get in touch with them.

You can create a simple image or select from a number of backgrounds for just the right look. Even adding a photo of yourself and cropping it is easy to do and adds a great personal touch.

Check out our video tutorial to see how easy it is to use

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